a supernatural- thriller inspired by a true story

In an attempt to reconcile his traumatic past, a charismatic man renounces the existence of God and engages in a psychological and violent war against the Christians who attempt to help him, culminating in a diabolical and murderous plot to kill the influential pastor of an unsuspecting church community.

After the dissolution of his beloved family and rejection of communal aid, Michael Leehan discovers unexpected comfort in the practice of Satanism. Fueled by the unresolved trauma of his abusive childhood, Michael's recent familial turmoil propels him into an all-consuming spiritual darkness, where his private explorations with Satanic witchcraft begin to threaten his public life. Michael's fall from grace epitomizes with the declared mission to murder the pastor of the nation's largest mega-church, instructed to him by Satan himself.  Ascent From Darkness details Michael's emotional plight of combating internal destruction and self-loathing, desperate to escape a hopeless hell and find life-saving redemption...


discover the power of personal plight and life-saving redemption

Aqueduct Pictures’ continual objective is to create exemplary pieces of entertainment that spotlight the human condition, empower individual reflection, and promote positive change. By elevating the awareness of controversy, conflict, and difference, visual media can not only impact, but transform humankind. The story of The Adversary embodies these themes of the human condition and fulfills an untold moral truth undetected in modern American cinema.

Personal restoration is a universal theme, applicable to every imperfect individual regardless of the standard or severity of their transgressions. Through revelation, recognition, and repentance we find truth and light. I invite you to explore this enticing tale with us and discover the power of personal plight. Perhaps, you may even learn something about your own journey in the process.  

To learn more about Michael Leehan's work with Solus Christus Ministries, click the button below. 


Terri Grippo

Producer, Autobiographical Consultant

Michael Leehan

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